Park Slope, Brooklyn Reacts to Rising Anti-Semitism

Though comfortable Park Slope, Brooklyn has not witnessed violent anti-Semitic attacks which have been proliferating in Crown Heights and Williamsburg, some local congregations aren’t taking anything for granted.

Shortly after the massacre in a Pittsburgh synagoue, signs went up in Park Slope

After Donald Trump was elected, the historic Temple Beth Elohim was transformed into an activist hub intent on rolling back anti-Semitism.

Temple Beth Elohim
Interior of Temple Beth Elohim

If anyone was complacent, however, about anti-Semitism staying out of Park Slope, such ideas were shattered late last year when anti-Semitic graffiti was scrawled on the walls of Union Temple, located on the border of the neighborhood along Eastern Parkway.

Union Temple

As if that was not bad enough, last month a swastika was scrawled on the walls of a tunnel located underneath a bridge in Prospect Park.

Prospect Park tunnel in which the swastika appeared
Tunnel wall where the swastika first appeared, and was later removed by police.

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