Monthly Archives: October 2017

Viktor Yanukovych’s Estate

On the outskirts of Kyiv lies Mezhyhirya estate, former home to deposed President Viktor Yanukovych.  The gaudy surroundings attest to Yanukovych’s corrupt and opulent lifestyle.  Today, however, many visitors simply opt to ride bicycles through the local park or pose for selfies.  Yanukovych’s house is closed, and actually getting to […]

The Evolution of Maidan Square

Four years after the revolution, crowds of Maidan square are gone though signs of previous political struggle are still evident.  On the side of a building, a banner reads “Freedom Is Our Religion.” Meanwhile, flags representing right wing military battalions flutter up above Maidan square.  For more on the Azov […]

Ukraine: Exploring Different Ethnic Cultures Through Food

Has Ukraine succeeded in promoting a truly multi-ethnic and pluralistic state?  On the local Kyiv food scene at least, the country seems to have succeeded. On a somewhat more unusual note, Kyiv also offers Carpathian cuisine, not to be confused with the Caucasus region (note: for more on Transcarpathia click […]

Ukraine, Art Nouveau and the Debate Over “Westernization”

What will become of Ukraine’s aspirations to join the West and embrace cosmopolitan modernity?  It’s not the first time the country has sought to negotiate western cultural influence, as evidenced by a few art nouveau buildings peeping through Kyiv’s cityscape.  The buildings, which date to the Czarist period, attest to […]

Traditional Russian and Ukrainian Life

Despite the recent military conflict between Kyiv and Kremlin-backed separatists in the Donbas region, there are certain striking similarities between Russia and Ukraine.  Take, for example, traditional rural life.  In the Russian city of Novgorod, visitors may see a recreation of a traditional rural town. To the outside observer, Pyrohovo […]

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