Nikolas Kozloff


This web site is a bit of a mix: on the one hand I post articles featuring loosely-defined “photojournalism.”  Over the years, this category has grown from simple articles to photo essays and even short stories with accompanying images designed to conjure a particular mood.  On the other hand, I showcase panoramic photos which are totally apolitical.  For years, I have been attending street fairs, be it Sikh day, Chinese New Years, West Indian day parade or even Mardi Gras, and these photos underscore the colorful, surreal and outlandish nature of parades and city life.  Due to the pandemic, I have been doing less and less panoramic photos, for obvious reasons.

In 2017, I put on a photo exhibit entitled “Caribbean Kaleidoscope,” at the Brooklyn Flatbush library.  The show featured panoramic photos from Brooklyn’s West Indian Day Parade, as well as images from Toronto’s “Carabana” festival.

“Caribbean Truck Pandemonium” panoramic photo in the entrance way to my show at Brooklyn’s Flatbush library.

For those interested more strictly in writing, see my home site and other companion site.

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