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When you’re not cognizant of your own unique and underlying psychological particularities, to say nothing of self-destructive pitfalls, things have a way of spiraling downwards, until life’s various impasses and quandaries become so fraught as to be undeniable.  I see this all more clearly now in my slightly mature years, […]


How could it be, Schreiber wondered?  It was difficult to absorb the magnitude of what he had just heard.  Waiting for the Q train at the 34th Street station, he mused over some of the technical terms the psychologist had employed, such as “cognitive inflexibility.”  In light of the diagnosis, […]


“For weeks,” Mr. Hernández intoned, “I have been apprising you of an impending grisly experiment, and now the time has finally arrived!”  Filing into science hall, the students were greeted by the bracing smell of formaldehyde.  Spread out on tables were a dozen pans covered in plastic.  Walking over to […]

Anti-Semitism in Argentina: An Eyewitness Report

In the midst of writing about the rising tide of anti-Semitism in my own native borough of Brooklyn, I was recently taken aback to read about an attack on a local rabbi in Buenos Aires.  The incident spurred concern in Argentina, which is home to more than 180,000 Jews, that […]

Travels in Argentina: From Gauchos to Freemasons and More

In the town of San Antonio de Areco, locals celebrate their historic gaucho heritage. In the pampas, vegetation is sparse and desolate. Back in Buenos Aires, the botanical garden displays vegetation more common to the coast. Nearby, a freemason temple brings together a fraternity of men in the downtown area. […]

Retracing Garibaldi’s Steps in Uruguay

Before he became known as a key figure in the struggle for Italian unification, Giuseppe Garibaldi played a military role in helping to defend the city of Montevideo from Argentine proto-dictator Juan Manuel de Rosas. To this day, Uruguayans honor the role of Garibaldi in their own independence struggle. Colonia […]

Jews and Anti-Semitism in Buenos Aires: A Photo Essay

Despite recent reports about anti-Semitic attacks, Argentine Jews constitute a well-integrated minority in Buenos Aires.  The oldest synagogue in the city, Templo Libertad, is located near the center of the city. Nearby, Jews are well ensconced in the the Once neighborhood. Beneath the surface, however, Argentina has witnessed episodic outbursts […]

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