Darwin 200 initiative in the South Atlantic

In Puerto Madryn, the sea was too rough to reach the Darwin 200 initiative, which meant postponing departure.  The following day, waves had subsided and I took a motor boat out to the Oosterschelde.

Cabin aboard the Oosterschelde

Aboard the Oosterschelde: crew, passengers and other members of the Darwin 200 initiative including scientists and cameramen.

A deckhand repairs some rope

Intricate system of ropes and pulleys
Captain prepares disinfectant solution

Before disembarking on outlying areas of the Falklands, and later returning to the ship, all passengers were required to wash their shoes in disinfectant to prevent spread of bird flu.  News reports suggest such protocols are well-needed: almost 96 percent of Patagonia elephant seal pups living at breeding sites in Argentina where bird flu was detected recently died.  The spread of bird flu is exacerbated by disruptions in bird migration and climate change.

Night watch in the south Atlantic. All passengers were required to perform onboard watches, including at night.
Night watch and the steering wheel

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