Monthly Archives: July 2018

Kreuzberg: Welcome to Revolutionary Store

In Kreuzberg, I came upon a kind of “revolutionary store” selling clothing with radical slogans, books and other items.  The owner, who sat in the middle of the store frying sausages, explained that he had been in the spot for decades. A few days later I walked by the store […]

Berlin: From Anti-Gentrification to Anti-Google to Pac-Man

In Kreuzberg, anti-gentrification sentiment is rife.  I came upon banners protesting high rents. Banners protesting high rents can also be seen outside of Kreuzberg in the northern section of Berlin. An anti-Google banner in Kreuzberg.  Recently, protests against the tech firm have been gaining steam.

Legacy of the Wall

Tourists flock to Berlin’s East Side Gallery, where remnants of the wall are open to public view. Reaching the end, I peered behind the wall where the landscape was desolate. A commercial mural selling yerba mate drinks from South America contrasts with urban art across the street. Elsewhere, graffiti artists […]

Offbeat Walk from Friedrichshain to Kreuzberg

Walking from Friedrichshain to Kreuzberg, I came upon an empty lot with a big Adidas mural to one side and graffiti plastered everywhere else. Along bridges, graffiti artists have left their mark. Another offbeat wall in Friedrichshain.

Welcome to Refugee-Friendly Berlin

In Kreuzberg, I came upon the Refugio Center run by the local Protestant Church. Near the Refugio Center, activists have hung refugee-friendly banners. More refugee-friendly propaganda in Schillerkeiz. In Friedrichshain, Karl Marx holds up information regarding the Spanish exclave of Melilla, where African refugees have been detained.  

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