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Russian Revolution at 100: Welcome to Kronstadt Revolt

The Kronstadt rebellion took place in March, 1921.  Located on an island in the Gulf of Finland, Kronstadt is a naval fortress on an island in the Gulf of Finland which has served as the base of the Russian Baltic Fleet and to guard the city of St. Petersburg thirty-five […]

Russian Revolution at 100: What Constitutes “Revolutionary Art”?

At the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, patrons are greeted with the site of Soviet-era art. What constitutes “revolutionary art” one hundred years after the Russian Revolution?  At Pushkinskaya-10, a local art museum in St. Petersburg, patrons may take in a degree of somewhat subversive art. On the outskirts of […]

A Tour of Russian Hipsters

Judging from appearances, Russian hipsters don’t differ substantially from their U.S. counterparts in terms of underlying tastes.  In St. Petersburg, youth congregate at Etaji, a series of shops with trendy foods such as “black ice cream.” Etaji started as a squatted building.  Today, shops are located in improvised compartments. At […]

Russian Revolution at 100: Glimpsing the Soviet Era

In St. Petersburg, the visitor can still get a glimpse of what life was like for the old Soviet elite.  Take, for example, Lenin’s old desk at the Museum of Political History. Nearby is the Kirov museum, the original art nouveau home of Sergei Kirov, a prominent Bolshevik leader. Nearby, […]

Russian Revolution at 100: St. Petersburg Statues

Though some might choose to forget the former Soviet Union, some of the old architecture still peeks out in St. Petersburg.  Take, for example, the old Finlyandskiy railway station.   Walking outside the city center, the visitor comes upon the old Soviet Monument to the Heroic Defenders of Leningrad.

Russian Revolution at 100: Soviet Relics at the Flea Market

Discarded and left for gone, relics of the Soviet past find their way to St. Petersburg’s Udelnaya flea market. Kyiv’s flea market is located near the old Moscow Avenue, though the street has now been renamed in honor of controversial Ukrainian nationalist leader Stepan Bandera.  Old Soviet relics here are […]

Russian Nationalism and Naval Power

In Russia, some may yearn for the days when the country was more of a naval power.  Along one river bank in St. Petersburg, visitors may go aboard an old Soviet submarine. During a naval celebration in St. Petersburg, crowds thronged the river banks.  

Historic Seafaring St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg has a long naval history which is difficult to miss when taking in the city.  Take, for example, New Holland Island where visitors are greeted to the sight of recreated Dutch ships. New Holland Island reinforces the city’s historic mythology, since Peter The Great was a great enthusiast […]

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