Monthly Archives: November 2017

Kyiv’s Murals: Sorting Through Historical and Political Identity

In the post-Maidan era, Kyiv has witnessed the proliferation of murals which dot the sides of buildings throughout the capital.  Many murals underscore Ukraine’s search for historical and political meaning.  Take, for example, Mata Ruda’s “Protectress,” located just a block away from Maidan square.  The mural depicts Berehynia, a Slavic […]

Ukrainian Identity: Welcome to Zoloti Vorota

In the wake of the Maidan revolution, Ukraine is in the midst of historic and nationalist soul searching.  For starters, head to Zoloti Vorota or Golden Gates in downtown Kyiv, which was the original site of 11th century fortifications dating to the era of Yaroslav the Wise.  The area was […]

Russian Revolution at 100: Welcome to Kronstadt Revolt

The Kronstadt rebellion took place in March, 1921.  Located on an island in the Gulf of Finland, Kronstadt is a naval fortress on an island in the Gulf of Finland which has served as the base of the Russian Baltic Fleet and to guard the city of St. Petersburg thirty-five […]